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Dr. Daryl L. Franzel, Pastor

Reverend Daryl L. Franzel, Senior Pastor of Capitol City Baptist, received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior at an early age. He graduated from High School in Saginaw, Michigan and entered into the armed forces during the Viet Nam war. He married his wife, Darlene, upon returning home from fighting in South East Asia in December 1970.


As a decorated Veteran and recipient of the Purple Heart, he considers himself blessed and alive today because of God's plan for his life. Dr. Franzel has four children and ten grandchildren, all who are a very important part of his life.


His education includes a number of schools in various fields and disciplines, holding several degrees with the highest being a Ph.D. in Religious Philosophy.


Dr. Franzel has pastored three churches during his years in the ministry and the Lord has blessed in each of these church families. He has served on several national boards, including both State, and National officer with the BBFI. Dr. Franzel has invested much in community outreach, to include serving as a Public Service Chaplain and holding the rank of Captain with the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office. He is also very involved in Home and Foreign Missions, leading a mission’s team every summer to assist missionary projects that CCBC currently support.


Dr. Franzel is devoted to the Lord and dedicated to the service of the congregation of CCBC, with a heart for reaching the lost for Jesus Christ.



Reverend Bryan Ogle, Pastor of Education

pastor ogle


Born in rural Indiana, it was a great privilege to have a father who was an educator who taught all his children biblical principles and educational philosophy.My parents were also faithful servants of God in a local church. If the doors were open or a job needed to be done, the Ogles were there.  Outside my formal studies all of the farm work added great experiences to my young life.

At the end of my junior year in high school, some teens from a local church drug me to Saturday night youth rally.  The pastor of the church, Bruce Kelly took me into a side room after the service where I accepted Christ as my Savior.

Through the preaching and teaching at the church and the new friendships from an active thriving church, I quickly grew in the knowledge and image of the Lord. A few months after my conversion, God called me into the ministry.

Upon completion of secondary school, I went to Hyles-Anderson College, graduating in 1979. Pastor Kelly called me two weeks before graduation and asked me to come work at the school that they had started in my home church. Now, thirty-one years later I am still involved in Christian Education.



Reverend Alton Cooper, Deaf Ministry Pastor

Alton and Glenda were married January 14, 1964 at Capitol City Baptist Church by Reverend Erwin Robertson. They accepted the Lord as their Savior March 17, 1973 also at Capitol City Baptist. They have two children, Theresa and Randy.  Both of their children attended Capitol City Baptist School. Glenda went to heaven June 23, 2007.  Alton married Dolly on September 27, 2010. Together they are serving the Lord to bring deaf to Christ.

During his career at General Motors, brother Cooper began serving in the deaf ministry of Capitol City Baptist in 1978. Alton retired from General Motors Management with forty one years of service.  He was ordained into the ministry August 12, 2007 at Capitol City Baptist.

Reverend Cooper is involved in many community outreach programs and ministries.  He ministers to the deaf and hearing inmates of  Carson City Prison. He is currently treasurer of the Healing Hands Health Clinic in Lansing. He also serves on the Springport Township Police Board and Board of Review.

Pastor Cooper is "Looking forward to Heaven!"


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