Welcome to Capitol City Baptist School

The school (K4-12th) ministry of Capitol City Baptist Church has the chief objective of serving as an extension of the Christian home, training Christian young people through their daily education. We believe that the responsibility to educate children is given to the parents, and that our school operates to assist parents in meeting this God-given directive. The Christian school does not relieve the parents of their responsibility, but works with the parent to train their children in the commandments and principles of God's Word.


A Quality Education

Capitol City Baptist School offers a quality education including the use of an advanced curriculum, the arts and athletics.  Elementary students (K-6th) are taught using the A Beka curriculum "... providing quality education from a Christian perspective."  A Beka Book company is unashamedly Christian and traditional in their approach to education.  Beginning at the Jr. High level, Mathematics is taught using Prentice Hall curriculum, and Bob Jones curriculum replaces A Beka in some subjects.  BJUPress has been working since the mid-seventies on developing a curriculum that blends factual knowledge and critical thinking skills with biblical truth.  Both of the Christian curriculi mentioned have maintained a strong academic thrust, while many secular curriculum publishers have 'softened' their expectations over the years.


Special Education

Our Special Needs students are an integral part of our school.  Where their abilities enable, they are integrated into the standard school setting allowing them to participate in "regular school" as much as possible: locker among students of their own grade, create friendships with other students, and stretch the concept of what they are capable of doing.  Some regular classes maybe be modified in ways consistent with their IEP or abilities to make it possible for them to succeed in the class; other classes receive no modification.  Resource classes are available when necessary, predominately in English and Mathematics, but including Study Skills and closely supervised Study Halls.

Identifying and testing for special needs services is provided by the staff of Holt Public School District, in conjunction with our own teachers.  Special helps that our on-campus staff is not qualified to give are available through the staff of HPSD (Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, etc.)



International Students

Capitol City Baptist School has accepted F-1 international students to participate at the Junior High and Senior High levels since 2003. Some international students have come for just one semester, others for a full school year -- some have graduated from our school. Most of our international students have been from South Korea, although we also have had students from Germany, Thailand, and expect a variety of nationalities to be represented as time goes by.

We are open to students with English skills, as shown by a SLEP Scaled Score of 45 or above, from all participating countries.  If a student has not taken the SLEP test but has taken the TOEFL test, we would accept a TOEFL score of 42/140/460 (internet/computer/paper).

The student placement agencies that we have worked with to date are ISE/IntoEdventures/DMD, Student American International (SAI) and Quest International.

Each of those agencies can be found on-line for individual detailed information.


Homeschool Program

Our mission is to serve homeschooling families by providing opportunity. Our vision is to provide a one stop shop of support to homeschooling families. Offering access to high quality academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities in an environment that promotes Christian character. We can offer access to academic and sports facilities for those families interested in a more interactive homeschooling experience.

We use Alpha Omega SwitchedOn OnLine for students who are involved in a more traditional home school program as a supplement or even as their core curriculum. Students on campus may use this to take electives that we are unable to offer within the school, to fulfill partial credits for those transferring from another school, and to make up credits that students have failed previously.  We will use it for Summer School classes as well. A full range of classes are available from SwitchedOn OnLine:  from core classes of English, Mathematics, History and Science, to Foreign Languages, Health, specialized Literature and History topics, GED preparatory classes and a College Planner.


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